Wetti-Weld™ N166 is a good general-purpose neoprene adhesive with high heat resistance and good open time.

It will remain flexible to -30oC, resists alkalis and non-oxidising acids, and is not affected by ageing.

When used correctly, it has excellent adhesion and is particularly recommended for hard-to-adhere substrates such as leather, rubber to rubber, rubber to metal (when used with Techibond Clear Activator), all types of fabrics, cork, wood, foam rubber and microcellular materials.

Bonding:  Can be used as a two component adhesive. By adding 3% to 6% of Techibond Clear Activator the bonding strength and heat resistance is greatly improved.

N166 combined with clear activator must be well mixed and applied the usual way. Pot-life of the mixture is 6 hours.

Industries:  Wetsuits, Construction and Building, Woodworking, Fabric and Textile

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