Techibond™ CA580 is a versatile solvent-based adhesive, developed for adhering to the most common materials used in the construction industry.

A heavy duty multi-purpose building adhesive suitable for bonding timber, masonry, brick, galvanised iron, steel, polystyrene foam, concrete, plasterboard, acrylic, aluminium, hardwood, rubber and glass.

CA580 adhesive is a tough, high solids adhesive that gives a flexible glue base. It is suitable for use in sheet flooring and wall panelling and may also be used in many home repair applications too.

Bonding:  Heavy Duty.
A multi-purpose building adhesive

Surfaces:  Timber, Masonry, Brick, Galvanised Iron, Steel, Polystyrene Foam, Concrete, Plasterboard, Acrylic, Aluminium, Hardwood, Rubber, Glass

Industries:  Construction, Home Repair

Container Sizes Available: 320gram Cartridge or 200 litre drum.

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